Innovative procurement with OppX

Putting collaboration and visibility at the centre of public procurement.

OppX is a platform that helps SMEs and government work together in harmony.

How does it work?

For SMEs

  • Identify other SMEs as well as larger suppliers to create consortiums with
  • See technologies behind contracts for the first time, allowing spotting of competitor product applications and service areas
  • Visualizes relevant information about the (sometimes intimidating) public sector procurement process

For Government

  • Allows authorities to build joint tenders, increasing purchasing power and collaboration across public sector
  • Improving supply chain and making it easier for SMEs to join supplier consortiums
  • Increased awareness of challenges and opportunities across public sector bodies to encourage collaboration and increased purchasing power


Single view of opportunities

Suppliers can access all opportunities across a borough or city, no need for multiple sites

Supplier and buyer profiles

Understand supplier capabilities across the market to help shape your tender

Procurement readiness score

Bring transparency to requirements, helping SMEs validate whather they are ready for procurement

Supply-chain innovation

Access increased innovation through a community of 4000+ SMEs

Works well with


Fully intergegrateable challenge module, helping the public sector move from prescriptive procurement to innovative.


Analyse and clean any dataset in instances of joint procurement or innovation challenges

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