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The CityTech Platform

The CityTech platform is our family of technology products can be used together or separately. Each delivers insights and new partnerships that enable greater collaboration amongst enterprise, startups and the public sector.



Augmented Analytics 

Skills & Talent

Innovation challenges with ChallengeX

ChallengeX is a platform for cities and corporates to broadcast and crowdsource solutions to their biggest problems. Citizens, startups and other businesses can offer solutions and data to help in exchange for partnership or a prize pot.


Innovation challenges

Apply to challenges from some of the worlds the largest organisations and cities

Work together

Collaborate with other organisations to solve challenges — all within the platform

Data collaboration

Share data sets safely between one another to validate ideas and spot insights

Prize fund

Win prize money and create new routes to market by winning your solution pitch

Who is it for?

Public Authorities

Engage with your citizen to help solve urban challenges


Win funding, create case studies and new partnerships with enterprise and government


Innovate with the help of startups and strike up new partnerships that lead to co-creation

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Innovative procurement with OppX

OppX helps SMEs and government work together in harmony, by putting collaboration and visibility at the centre of public procurement.


Single view of opportunities

Suppliers can access all opportunities across a borough or city, no need for multiple sites

Supplier and buyer profiles

Understand supplier capabilities across the market to help shape your tender

Procurement readiness score

Bring transparency to requirements, helping SMEs validate whather they are ready for procurement

Supply-chain innovation

Access increased innovation through a community of 4000+ SMEs

Who’s OppX for?

Public Authorities

Get more out of your procurement, by engaging with startups and joint-buying with other public sector buyers.


Benefit from new routes to market and solve urban challenges by working with local government


Gain insights into the startup and buying landscape and anticipate new competitive opportunities.

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Accessible analytics with DataX

DataX, our accessible analytics tools, helps identify valuable datasets and predictive variables, as well as automate data science workflows, increasing efficiency in the co-creation process.

How does it work?

1. Upload your data securely

Users can protect their data using our desktop application and upload an anonymized version for processing.

2. Choose data to analyse

Users can define which variable they are looking to predict. For example in an urban data set, users could try to predict incidence of violent crime and identify causation variables.

3. Tweak your data

DataX will suggest changes to your data and help you optimize the data for the best and most accurate results.

4. Get results and next steps

DataX will return a ‘results score’ and identify causation variables and generate a simple predictive model. It will explain the accuracy of the model through easy-to-understand terms.

Who is it for?

Innovation officers

With the growing opportunity to collect data, DataX can identify the datasets that are worth investing time and money in.

Product managers

Data can be overwhelming, DataX can determine which datasets hold meaning and value to create and define new products.

Data scientists

Data scientists can benefit from DataX through the automation of processes, saving time and resources.

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Upskill your team with Datalyst Academy

Our cutting-edge online academy trains applicants in core data science principles and programming languages (like Python, R and Weka) and applies these skills to real-world datasets.

How does it work?

Personalised workshops

Hands-on learning experiences which adapts to your schedule and requirements

Online learning

An online curriculum that encapsulates the most relevant & important topics for you

1:1 mentoring

Unlimited mentoring, empowering you to get the most out of Datalyst Academy

Career support

We help you find your feet and a career in data science with interview prep and CV screening

Who is it for?

your career

Learn from data science industry experts, enabling you to learn in-demand technologies, equipping you with the skills needed to become a data scientist.

your company

Upskill your staff. Have your budding data scientists work on real company problems and challenges, with the support of our expert mentors the entire way.

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