Data Science course focused on Urban Innovation launches in London

A new 12-week course dedicated to developing junior data scientists, with a focus on urban innovation, has opened for applications.

Datalyst, part of Nitrous, has designed a 12-week bootcamp to train applicants in core data science principles and programming languages, including Python, R and Weka – and how to apply them to real-world case studies, focused on urban environments.

Graduates will leave with skills in data science and machine learning to take on junior data science roles in leading public and private sector organisations or start their own high-impact startups incorporating artificial intelligence (AI). Datalyst has also pledged to fund and support the most promising ideas and teams.

With research showing that vacancies for data scientists are increasing faster than the average of the UK job market(1), demand for this skillset is high.

George Johnston, founder of Nitrous and Datalyst, said: “Five years ago, everyone wanted to become a developer – and now developers want to become data scientists. This is in response to a need from startups and bigger organisations to create machine learning capabilities to shape our cities and the way we interact with them. We know the UK is committed to becoming a world leader in AI, and equipping organisations and individuals is critical for achieving this, particularly in the urban innovation space.”

First unveiled during London Tech Week (11-17 June), this unique course is designed to prepare students for the real-world applications of data science, with a focus on social impact. Course lead Dr Stylianos Kampakis, member of the Royal Statistical Society, has created a curriculum focused on predictive analytics, machine learning and statistics.

A part-time, flexible approach has been designed to make room for busy schedules, providing students with the opportunity to work while learning. Applications are particularly encouraged from individuals with a technical background, and a keen interest in AI.

George Johnston continues: “The role played by the public sector is particularly important in shaping our urban environments. We want to ensure that local governments have the ability to do this in the most effective way which is why we’re offering complimentary places for individuals working within these organisations.”

The course is separated into three modules; Fundamentals Of Data Science, Real-world Datasets Experience and Becoming A Data Scientist. Modules can be purchased separately or in combination, with prices beginning from £750.

The deadline for applications is Friday 3 August. For details on how to apply visit



(1) Joblift, February 2018


About Datalyst

Datalyst, part of Nitrous, is a data science training resource, with a targeted focus on real-world application.


About Nitrous

Nitrous inspires and initiates effective collaboration between startups and the public sector. Founded upon a deep understanding of the unique issues facing both, it enables the creators of powerful, young technologies to accelerate their engagement with the public sector. Nitrous is part of the Tech City Ventures network of companies.


About Dr Stylianos Kampakis

Dr Kampakis is a data scientist and data science educator. Having been involved in the area of data science and artificial intelligence for nearly a decade, his multi-disciplinary background includes psychology and music studies, to holding a PhD in Computer Science and a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics.  He is also a member of the Royal Statistical Society and the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies.